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About us

Our goal is to develop all our projects with creativity, commitment and care, either with our clients our by ourselves. In addition to development services, we also provide transaction advisory services for all segments.

Together with our clients, we continuously bring the projects forward in an efficient way.


In addition to delivering a turnkey building, we also support our client with clever solutions along the way that strengthen the product.


Since we are also the end-owner of the buildings, our perspective is always long-term in all our undertaking. Good relationship with our tenants and responsiveness to their demands is the key element of creating an efficient and well-adopted product.  

Our history

Our business started in 2010 with the vision of creating functional and attractive care home properties.

Initially, focus was on development of pure health and care home properties, but it has developed into a broader focus including development of residential properties. 

We have since the start in 2010 completed 27 projects and another 4 properties are currently being developed.


Valene is a privately owned property development company, owned by the founders and working partners.

Our organization

Valene consists of employees with long experience from the care sector and the construction industry. We also have experience from the property transaction sector with transacted deals in all asset classes all over Sweden

For Valene, each project and transaction is unique and through the right allocation of resources and skills, we achieve a very high level of commitment and responsibility in each project and transaction.

To ensure that each project is implemented with the quality we require, we are always responsible for both the property development and project management in each project. When external expertise is required, we always use well-proven partners among our wide network. 

Sustainable construction

As a developer of public properties, it is of crucial importance to have a sustainability focus in all our performance. We design and carry through all our projects with regard to the environmental factors under the construction phase and future tenants.


Valene primarily use wooden structures since wood is renewable, environmentally friendly and climate smart. Wood also provides a pleasant indoor climate.    

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